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In a world where education is becoming exceedingly important for success, many parents do not know the advantages of helping children with their homework. Helping your child with homework can not only benefit his or her grades, but also strengthen your relationship and improve your communication skills. Some parents may feel disoriented or overwhelmed with the task of participating in an academic project, having been out of school or out of touch with certain subjects. Do not fret, real benefits can be seen with a little support, and praise.

Why Do Teachers Assign Homework?
Homework reinforces the lessons the child has been learning and helps them prepare for the next day's class. It can serve different purposes and help your child differently as they develop and progress through school. According to the U.S. Department of Education, when younger, homework should mainly serve to develop good study habits and a positive attitude toward learning. This is very important, because if a poor attitude is developed early, it can be difficult to maintain his or her interest in school, and performance can drop regardless of the child's potential. From around third through sixth grades, the amount of homework should be steadily increased, and can improve academic achievements, but still mainly serves to keep the children active and interested in school, with a positive attitude. Beyond seventh grade, completing more homework will enhance standardized test performance and improve grades overall. See: U.S. Department of Education

How can I Help My Child with Homework?
You may be thinking, "I've been out of school for so long, what can I possibly contribute to a student engaged in homework?" This is the wrong attitude, because most of your contribution will be through some simple preparations, and simple support and praise. First, if your child is comfortable, clear all possible distractions. This might just be turning off the TV, or relocating to a room without a TV. Observe what distracts your child and then you will be able to provide an optimal learning environment. After that, your knowledge on the subject matter can help you in write my essay, but your child should be learning to teach themselves. Basically, you should take the backseat here. Your presence and display of interest in their education will reinforce its importance in their lives, and improve their attitude toward school. Along with this support, show your child that you are confident in their abilities, and compliment them on completed tasks. This will boost their confidence and allow them to tackle mental obstacles with enthusiasm.

Does My Child Get Enough, or Too Much Homework?
The U.S. Department of Education recommends different amounts of homework for different age groups of children. In kindergarten through second grade, only 10 to 20 minutes should be spent each day on homework. Then through sixth grade the amount of time spent should increase to 30 to 60 minutes per day. Beyond this your child should be spending more time on their homework assignments, and should require less help. This brings up the importance of maintaining a relationship with your child's teachers. If you feel the amounts of homework being distributed is incommensurate with the age and skill level of your child, it is important to discuss this with the teacher. Even if the child has a good relationship with the teacher and is doing well in class, maintaining this parent-teacher relationship helps you understand the teacher's expectations of your child, and better equips you to help. See: U.S. Department of Education

Are There Any Other Real Benefits to Helping?
Regularly helping your child with homework will also increase you and your child's communication skills. Having an established commonplace interaction will make your child more comfortable in being honest about their personal lives with you. This can be exceptionally helpful assisting the child to mature personally and socially. Developing this trusting relationship between you and your child has more personal benefits than could be anticipated for any individual, and is cornerstone in the health and well-being of your family.

A responsible parent should maintain a healthy social relationship with their child. Helping your child with their homework is an excellent way to strengthen this relationship, and can simultaneously improve his or her attitude and performance in school. The simple acts of providing support and praise can spark interest in your child, getting them to expand what they've learned in school on their own, allowing them to take time to explore what interests them deeper. Understand the teacher's expectations of your child, and remember, even if he or she does not seem to need help, your support can develop their confidence, increasing their ability to function productively and comfortably in society.

Doris Hall
Arizons, AZ

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